Government Box Set


Compact case with the handle and white logos.
The Box contains:
Entire band's CD discography
1. "Decision Code" Album Digipack
2. "Transform into a Human" 2 CD Digipack + poster
3. "Low Frequency Addicted" Digipack
4. "Prototype" album
5. The unreleased CD album "Take Cover!" with the "Blade Runner Blues 2049 track" included! The album is placed in dark blue designer cardboard envelope with bronze logos!
6. Thick cardboard picture with "Decision Code" album cover, 20 by 20 cm in size
7. Two flags of the state of Balkania, a desk and a wall flag
8. Magnet featuring the Decision Code album cover art
9. Three-dimensional sticker with the cover image
10. Sticker with the metal stylized logo
11. Two ribbons with white and black logos
12. Artificial silver badge representing the coat of arms of Balkania in the case
13. Red t-shirt with the image of a campaign poster - "To be a patriot is to be an informer"

shipping out on or around November 18, 2019
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CONFLICT Moscow, Russia

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